Helping Remote Workers Get That Gym Grade Bod Without Spending Hours In The Gym

About GetUP

Welcome To Get UP!

 Our Aim Is To  Help 10,000 Remote In-Home Workers To

"GetUP" And Get Active.



Get Up gives you the framework and support you need to achieve your mental and fitness goals.


More importantly, it not only helps you look and feel better but live better, think better and be better.  All through our unique Get UP Transformation System.


So, why this huge goal of 10,000 people?


Setting seemingly impossible goals is how you succeed. Because once you break it down, the seemingly impossible becomes very possible and we want you to do the same. 


Curious how Get Up can help you reach your full potential without strick dieting or spending hours in the gym?


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Help Your Company GetUP


To help us achieve this goal, we have introduced the Get UP Corporate Program.


The Get UP Corporate Program allows employers to improve their employees, drive and motivation when working remotely, generating greater productivity and attendance by improving all the important health markers;

Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health 



 As an elite trainer and former athlete, I know first hand the effects of the pandemic and the mental and physical toll it has taken on the population and I want to do my part to help companies embrace this new world and continue to improve their employees physically and mentally through fitness. To find out more about how your company can Get UP and get involved, click the button below...


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