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Get Up is the ultimate fitness app your organization needs to boost employee productivity, minimize operational costs, and facilitate a healthier, happier workforce

Sick leaves, absenteeism, and under-satisfied employees — the trifecta of business failure.

HSE’s 2021 statistics reveal that millions of work days are lost to medical leaves, costing corporations billions of dollars in cash.


And according to TELUS International (2020), 80% of remote workers say they would quit their jobs to focus more on their mental health.


The last thing you want is employees throwing in resignation forms, and then complain to the whole world about how terrible your company is at caring for its employees.


If you want your organization to succeed, you need to do your part in upholding your employees’ well-being.



Healthy employees = healthy company

Employees can be fussy. But they are, after all, the turning gears of your organization. Serve them well and they will serve you well.


In June 2021, the John W. Brick Foundation reviewed 1,158 health studies, 89% of which demonstrated a positive association between physical activity and mental health.


Based on these findings, regular exercise is shown to relieve depression and anxiety, lower work stress, improve mood, boost energy levels, and improve memory and sleep.


Get Up was created to help employees cultivate a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and clean eating, making them happier, healthier, and more productive workers.


That means fewer sick leaves, lower turnover rates & getting more done in less time,

so you can make new clients happy and happy clients even happier!


In fact, a study by Harvard researchers showed that every dollar a company spends on employee wellness saves them up to $3.27 in medical claims and $2.73 in absenteeism.


This translates to an ROI of 600%!


…Having a happy, driven workforce that never stops progressing and creating real value for your organization and for your clients


Not having to lose funds to sick leaves, medical claims, and health insurance claims — and being able to spend it on things that actually drive business growth.


…Employees, investors, partners, clients and the public, praising your company for being one that genuinely cares for its employees.


If seeing your business’ productivity and public image soar is what you want, you’ll want to integrate Get Up into your employee wellness program.

Get Up was created to get your employees to, well, Get up

From laser-sharp workout programs and curated meal plans to daily challenges and habitbuilding tools — Get Up helps your employees achieve their fitness goals and enhance their mental health, so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive workers

Tailored Workout Programs

Skip the guesswork and endless search for the right workout program. Easily find an exercise routine that is best suited for your fitness level and goals

Professional Coaching Videos​

Learn the exact steps to perform any exercise — from beginner to advanced — and maximize their results while maintaining perfect form to avoid rookie injuries

Body-Blasting Challenges​

Complete daily challenges and get that energy flowing in your body. There’s no high better than the satisfaction you feel after finishing a tight workout challenge.

Hand-Curated Meal Plans​

Choose from a diverse range of meal plans curated to help you build a healthier body from within, whether you are looking to bulk up, burn fat, or sculpt your body

Fitness Pro on the Line

Get expert advice and have all your fitness-related questions answered directly by a professional athlete and fitness guru who has coached 1000's of students

Habit Tracking & Fitness Alerts

Get motivated to exercise and build healthy fitness habits with Get Up’s habit tracker and fitness alerts, designed to propel you towards your fitness goals, faster

In-Depth Performance Insights

Find out how much and how fast you are progressing. Get Up records exercise times and provides a complete view of your workout history for easy progress tracking

Unlimited User Capacity

Get Up accommodates your entire organization, no matter how large or small. Get new recruits on the app for FREE — Get Up scales with your organization

Get the Get Up App

Empower your employees to achieve their fitness (and work) goals with Get Up.

  • Reach New Productivity Peaks

    Regular exercise is scientifically proven to boost employee morale and physical vitality so they can get more things done, fast. Clients will love you for that

  • Minimize Operational Costs

    Say goodbye to sick leaves and medical claims piling at human resources. Healthier employees means fewer sick leaves, fewer medical claims, and fewer costs incurred

  • Enhance Corporate Image

    Show employees that you care, and get them raving about how much you care. What better way to get the word of your company around?

Join the Get Up movement

Give your employees the healthy lifestyle they deserve.



# Unlimited User Capacity

# Custom-Tailored Workout Programs

# Professional Coaching Videos

# Daily Full-Body Challenges

# Hand-Curated Meal Plans

# Habit Tracker + Fitness Alerts

# In-Depth Performance Reports

# Remote Access to a Fitness Guru


Money Back Guarantee

Let your employees enjoy Get Up at absolutely no risk. If you feel Get Up isn’t right for your organization, request a full refund within 30 days after purchase, and we’ll hand you back your investment with no questions asked

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